TAIWAN TWINE AND ROPE CO., LTD. является одним из известных производителей, поставщиков и экспортеров Рыболовные Снасти, с завода в Taiwan, Благодаря многолетнему опыту в области производства, мы известны нашей выдающейся работой в отрасли. Мы помогли нам как один из ведущих брендов в Taiwan, Мы постоянно обновляем нашу продукцию, чтобы соответствовать международным стандартам. У нас работает команда профессионалов, которая обеспечивает своевременную доставку с высоким качеством. Наша искренность и трудолюбие помогли нам сопоставить наше качество с международными стандартами.


Taiwan Twine and Rope Co., Ltd. is a dedicated longline fishing line manufacturer, the company is established in 1983, although our rope making history began much earlier back to 1970’s, when Taiwan distant water tuna longline fleets were fast expanding.

We started our business with 3-strand polyester rope making for tuna longline, with the sole aim to provide the most reliable line to our home fleets. Production site was close to Kaohsiung port area during the early period of the company. To keep up with increasing demand from home fleets, in year 1983 we re-located our production facility to Da-Fa Industrial park, by then a brand new industrial zone in Kaohsiung, for a larger production space, and renamed the company to Taiwan Twine and Rope Co., Ltd.

Over the years, we have manufactured longline rope, mooring rope, commercial twine for sewing industry (for shoe making, baseball & baseball glove), and in 1998 we introduced our first nylon monofilament fishing line extruding line. Today, we streamline our production to what we do the best - the longline fishing line, with main products including 3-strand Twisted Polyester and Polyester/Danline mix rope, Nylon Monofilament Line, and Swivel Line Assembly. All production (including swivel line assembly and rope braiding) is carried out in our facility.

Quality is our foremost commitment, and this philosophy is carried out through product development, machine & raw material procurement, production in process control, to final products. Today, we are the dominating force in domestic market, taking up 80% of market share in commercial fishing line supply, thanks to high quality and consistency in our products. Our goal is to continue developing and improving fishing gears to make it more user-friendly, supporting fishermen home and abroad.

Наша искренность и трудолюбие помогли нам соответствовать качеству наших

Рыболовные Снасти

с международными стандартами. В соответствии с различными требованиями производства мы предлагаем вам безупречные услуги.